Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Dribble Drive Offense For Guard Oriented Teams

The St. Andrew Knights are not the most outstanding players in the league right now.  But they are certainly not to be taken lightly.  They may have fewer offensive options than other teams, but enough talent and grit to give the competition a run for their money.  Perhaps they can look at the dribble drive offense.

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The Knights are a guard-oriented team, which is exactly what the dribble drive offense was designed for.  In many cases, the dribble drive does not focus on one player alone, which gives the team that uses it a certain amount of flexibility and unpredictability.

It all starts with an offensive move from the point guard, who takes the ball closer with a short cut towards the middle of the field.Then as he cuts outward, the rest of the players will adjust, according to how the defense is holding them.

In principle, the dribble drive offense always will leave a man open to take a three point shot.This is why an offense such as this one should be executed by a shooting team.In essence, the dribble drive does not work for any team which does not have a lot of sniping options.

This also means that passing the ball should be accurate, which is also made more predictable in the offensive sense if the players without the ball know where to position themselves with respect to the defense of the other team.

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The forwards and centers are also advised to be able to take medium range shots consistently, so that the defense does not solely focus on the outside.

This just might be what the Knights need.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Lockdown Defense: Tips For Better Perimeter Defense

Lockdown Defense: Tips For Better Perimeter Defense Defense wins games. Sure, you need to outscore your opponent to win the game but to do that you need to prevent them to get baskets. Defense is all about heart, will, and skill. And if you’re tasked to defend your opponent’s best player, you’ll need this perimeter defense tips.

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Stay low

Make sure your shoulders and your head are lower than the person you’re guarding. When you keep your body lower than your opponent, you’ll most likely get to the spot before the offense.

Never lose balance

When you lose your balance, you’re beaten. Your opponent will blow past you. Stay in wide stance and take shorter choppier steps when getting to a distance. Once your feet get close together you lose your balance. Your heels should not touch the ground so you can move quickly. The key is to put your body in front of your opponent.

Have active hands

Your hands should serve as a distraction. Use your hands to try to deflect a pass or poke the ball as you anticipate a drive. Coaches call this “riding” a player out.

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Wrestling Clinchers: How The Knights Held Off Truett

The first seasonal win of the St. Andrews Knights wrestling team was nothing short of amazing when they faced off against Truett-McConnell University.Things started off the right way with Brennan Patton, a 125-pounder junior Knight from Broadway, North Carolina.  He utilized several takedowns and a huge 6 point move against his opponent during the first period of the match up, leading to an 18-9 major decision victory.  Because of his efforts, St. Andrews University was able to go up 4-0.

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Next up was freshman Dylan Rossetti, whose comeback sadly fell short at 8-5. Senior Tyran Taylor then went on to win his first match by forfeit.  His second match didn’t go as planned after losing 6-3 at 149 pounds.Freshmen Zeke Lee, from Adger, Alabama, then competed and performed excellently as he was able to win in the second period because of the huge fall he gave to Truett-McConnell, giving St. Andrews the 16-6 lead at intermission.

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Truett wasn’t going to let SAU have their way, demonstrated by their winning of the next four bouts with falls.  Just like that, the opposition was able to catch up in an instant giving the chivalrous Knights a scare.  Luckily, junior Kavoris Perry from Henderson, North Carolina, who was able to win with a 6-1 decision at 174 pounds, and heavyweight Chris Anglin, who was able to win by forfeit, were there to bail out the Knights.  At the end of regulation, SAU was able to come out the narrow victors at 25-24.

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