Friday, February 10, 2017

College Athletes As Endorsers: Should We Be Ok With It?

College basketball is somewhat of a tricky little space in professional sports, especially in basketball. In a perfect world, the balance has to be between being a product of a school’s education, and playing basketball superbly. This is the role of a student-athlete. However, in practical realities, college basketball becomes a scouting ground for the teams in the NBA.

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So typically, the college player plays to impress. He strains himself literally, just to be a cut above the rest. College stars are successful at this. They get so good at their game and are quite successful in getting the attention of NBA scouts. Essentially, they are the future stars of the NBA after all.

For this reason, they also get the attention of brands that are willing to pay them hefty amounts of money for an endorsement.

This is what bothers a lot of educators. They feel concerned about their student’s upbringing and formation. This is what a school stands for after all. The concern is legitimate, and to prove this further, many athletes have wasted away, overwhelmed with all of that financial success that seemed to come in too early.

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On the other hand, capitalists simply argue that there’s nothing stopping anyone from earning whatever amount, as long as there’s a contract to back it up.

This is a tough nut to crack, and it has well divided people for many years. Some basketball players have failed at early success, while others have breezed through it gracefully.

The question remains: Should we be okay with it?

Peter Benedict is a huge supporter of St. Andrews University’s various varsity teams. For more sports commentaries on the SAU Knights, check out this blog.

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