Monday, January 23, 2017

A Brief Look At The History Of St. Andrews University

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Although Flora MacDonald College in Red Springs, North Carolina, was founded all the way back in 1896, it wasn’t until almost 60 years later, in 1958, that it merged with Presbyterian Junior College, to establish St. Andrews. It was in September 1961 that Presbyterians all over North Carolina began their higher education endeavor.

St. Andrews was actually a labor of love of the Synod of North Carolina of the Presbyterian Church in the United States. The main objective was to create a stronger Presbyterian higher education system in the east part of North Carolina.

There were a number of proposals as to where to build the new school, but in March 1956, the Board of Trustees decided on Laurinburg in Scotland County. The history of the area, with the early immigrants being Highland Scots heavily influenced the decision. These settlers placed much importance on education and created numerous institutions in the area, which were absorbed in one way or another by St. Andrews.

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The groundbreaking was held in April 1959, somewhere on the east end of Lake Ansley Moore. Construction soon began at the 800-acre site, south of Laurinburg. The college administration was set, and all the important people were given their respective titles. By September of 1960, the Board of Directors officially named the new school the St. Andrews Presbyterian College.

One year later, the first 750 students entered its halls.

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